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Karamanti's record label, Blakkwuman22 Msic will be hosting the Blakkout Tour in Jamaica
Karamanti will be releasing two Reggae tracks with Danish Reggae singer and producer Lise Ranks later this year.
Karamanti added to Jamaica's annual Kite Festival

Tour Dates


Morant Bay, St. Thomas


St. Ann, Jamaica


Buff Bay, Portland

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Upcoming Events

Live performance at Ocassion Night Club in Morant Bay, St.Thomas, Jamaica (Blakkout Tour)
Live performance at the annual Kite Festival (Jamaica)

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Di Last Standing Karamanti
Karamanti is widely recognized as the most lyrical woman in the Reggae/Dancehall industry. Though she resides in Jamaica she has done and continues to work with artists and producers all over the world.